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Here are some of the more frequenly asked questions about the studio, the recording process and our individual services.

Naked Ear Recording Studios
2516 Kalispell Circle
Aurora, CO 80013

studio samples

We're very proud to provide some samples of our studio's artists from our archives. 

audio samples

Use the Secure Flash Player below to browse and play distinct, full audio tracks at will. 

This is a secure Flash audio presentation.

Using the Flash Jukebox

The jukebox will start playing whichever song you choose with a single click...give it a moment to load the song.  You can move to another song by clicking on the new title you wish to play..

About the Artists

We're very proud of all of the artists and audio recordings that have been produced at Naked Ear Studio.  Each artist contributes to the final mixdown of their songs. You can use the Left-Right balance bar at the center of the left panel to hear sound separation as they mixed their music...if you have speaker separation at your computer.

video samples

Here are several music videos produced during the actual band sound recording sessions. Fully-rehearsed and ready to record, these bands were able to produce a music video at the same time! 

Click below to select video samples.  They will open in this window in Flash 10 Video.  You can return to this page after viewing.

If you are interested in a music video, we have many more examples that you can review when you visit the studio.