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Here are some of the more frequenly asked questions about the studio, the recording process and our individual services.

Naked Ear Recording Studios
2516 Kalispell Circle
Aurora, CO 80013

studio audio/video, production and other services

Naked Ear Recording Studio is your ultimate solution for music and in-house video production. We can accommodate sessions from a live one take, all-in-the room recording that may be done in an afternoon, to an overdub megamix that is pieced together over several sessions.

Also offered are Mastering Services, Photography, Media Restoration, Media Transfer, CD & DVD Art Design and on-site manufacturing of Retail Ready CD’s & DVD’s.


The Studio is filled with robust digital technology. We can track at once, 16 channels of digital audio into a Sweetwater Audio PC using technology leader, “Sonar”, as the audio engine. Then we can continue to add audio tracks to those initial 16 tracks to complete your song. Some bands have used up to 38 tracks. Tools used for the creation process include Soundcraft & Sonar moving fader automation, Sonar convolucent reverb & vocal tuning software, WAV plugins for CD Mastering, Sound Forge, Sony ACID Pro, Sony Vegas DVD multi channel creation software, Sony CD Architec Red Book CD replication software, Sony DVD Architec mastering software, and Adobe PhotoShop CS2 for the artwork, to name a few.

For those of you who want to record Old School style, The studio offers 16 tracks of analog recording employing the TASCAM MSR-16S reel-to-reel recorder with the tape running at 15 inches per second and Dolby S noise reduction. This recorder produces pristine “CD quality” master recordings with that so desired analog compression sound. To preserve that sound quality, the tracks are then converted to a 24 bit digital stream while loading onto a PC hard drive where the material is mixed, edited and grand mastered. This process makes your Old School recorded music ready for radio air play and CD replication.

Production and Replication

CD & DVD manufacturing:

The smallest CD/DVD order we process is “one.” Now you can order small quantities of CD/DVD’s on an as needed basis. This keeps your overall project & inventory cost low and affordable. You no longer have to order thousands of CD/DVD’s as the minimum order. You may now order, as one example, 10 CD’s for your next gig and experience immediate profit.


Naked Ear Recording Studio has the facilities to design and print on the CD/DVD surface (not a label), CD/DVD Book and CD Tray Card, all in full color or black & white. By appointment, you and your technician look at pictures and design ideas that are your contribution to the project, in conjunction with design and picture ideas we have at the studio. Together, your custom CD/DVD artwork is created on a PC and made ready for the printing, cutting and assembly process.