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Naked Ear Recording Studios
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meet engineer ron byrne

Ron Byrne is now retired from the business but maintains this site as a tribute to the wonderful music that was created here at Naked Ear Recording Studios.  Ron would love to hear from his former customers using the contact information available on the site.  He thanks all of the terrific musicians that made Naked Ear Recording Studios his life's work!

Ron, a Colorado Audio Institute graduate, became involved in the music business beginning in 1975 when he was the lead singer in the country rock band Flatiron. The music bug has infected him ever since. Soon he worked for American Music Enterprises (AME), the top rock booking agency within a ten-state area.

Ron kept 23 bands booked each and every week, throughout the United States. Booked through Nancy Olsen from Feyline, Ron was able to work for Charlie Daniels, John Hartford, The Dillards and yes folks, The Howdy Doody Show.

National groups in which Ron was the audio technician include The Drifters, The Coasters, Danny & The Juniors and The Box Tops. Not only did Ron mix beautiful sounds, he also was the road manager to the popular 80's rock band, KYTE. He went on tour with the Tom Slick Show in 1982 and got his fill of touring with that group. “It was just a blur, I remember it more as organized confusion.”

Back home Mr. Byrne started working at KERE Radio writing & performing in radio ads. During this time he also tried his hand at concert promoting. Producing a concert with Harlan Diggy & The Trees quickly relieved Ron of all of his investment money. Ouch! Realizing that concert promotion wasn’t his calling, He never did that again. “It only took two hours to get rid of one years worth of savings.”

In 1995, Ron was the audio technician for The Garden Weasels, at The American Music Festival in Winter Park Colorado. They were the opening act for Hooty & The Blowfish. “The rush you get when you have 85,000 watts of PA power at your fingertips is hard to believe.” Making records is Ron’s true love so on March 15th, 1995 he started Naked Ear Recording Studio.

Thus far his studio has produced works that have made national air play consisting of over 500 radio stations, Nick News at Night, CBS Morning News, The BBC, KMGH TV Channel 7, KYGO FM, and 103.5 The Fox. On January 15th, 2004 Ron was one of six judges for The National Academy Of Television Arts and Sciences. His job? Regional Emmy Award Judge for the ten television stations in the New York region. Sunday September 11, 2005.

Simon Lythgoe (Producer) Brian Robinson (Associate Producer) and Norm Betts (Contestant Coordinator) of  American Idol were here at Naked Ear. They were filming Naked Ear Recording Artist Jaz Anderson for the shows 2005/2006 contest season. Jaz went on to sing in front of celebrity judges Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul and was shown on the TV show twice. Only 95 contestants were chosen to sing in front of the celebrity judges out of 18,000 Denver auditions.

Ron says,“ the best is yet to come. Come join us at the Ear!