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Here are some of the more frequenly asked questions about the studio, the recording process and our individual services.

Naked Ear Recording Studios
2516 Kalispell Circle
Aurora, CO 80013


Ron Byrne is now retired from the business but maintains this site as a tribute to the wonderful music that was created here at Naked Ear Recording Studios.  Ron would love to hear from his former customers using the contact information available on the site.  He thanks all of the terrific musicians that made Naked Ear Recording Studios his life's work!

Wayne Karschner, Kearney, NE

I have known Ron for over 35 years. When I first met Ron, his love of music was the foundation and the gateway to the path leading to a long and lasting friendship. I recognized, even back then, that Ron’s talent and ear for music was at a level that far exceeded even the most experienced. All these years later, my estimation of his talent has proven to be spot on!

As a “wan’a be” singer, song writer, and musician myself, it was masterful just how easily Ron was able to turn my music into a professional recording of which I am proud. Ron’s patience, understanding, and ability truly bring the best out of you with his recording. I would recommend Ron and the Naked Ear Recording Studio to the musical novice, as well as the musical professional wanting to get noticed.

Michael Conway, Denver, CO

I've used Naked Ear studios for the past 10 years and have enjoyed every session. Ron provides a
creative atmosphere and he is a skilled engineer. The prices are good and the mixes are good.

Mick White of Crowded Shower, Littleton, CO

I have made three albums at Ron's Naked Ear Studio, and a friend for life. Ron is a pleasure to work with-- he is fair, honest and as dedicated to your project as you are. No ego tripper here, just a devoted studio engineer who won't interfere with your artistic vision. When I visit him socially, he always shows me his new gear and upgrades -- he's a"tech head" for sure. If you go in with your act together, you can get out with polished product at very reasonable expense. This is the kind of guy you want to work with, I know I do.

Doug Stackhouse, Arvada, CO

I first started working with Ron in January of 2005, on my first ever, completely packaged vocal CD. Before actually recording, Ron gave me an informal tour of his studio and explained his capabilities fully. Once into the work, we discovered that he lacked a few pieces of equipment essential for my needs. What did he do? He went right out and bought them. Whether a simple music stand, or an electronic device, if I needed something he didn't have, he got it.

I have just recently finished my second full CD, plus some small, miscellaneous projects. Some of them have taken 18 months to finish, but there was never any time pressure from Ron. It was always at my own pace. (Good for the finances!) Additionally, it is just amazing that Ron can offer all the services one needs to complete a professionally recorded disc in one small place. And it is all eminently affordable.

Ron is a great big, affable guy, with an often irreverent sense of humor, who doesn't take any crap from a misbehaving computer. He's always got his own creative ideas, but pretty much takes his cues from what the customer wants. What's not to like here? He's got it all.

Paul Oman, Cedar, MN

My experience with Naked Ear Recording Studio consisted of media remastering. It exceeded my expectations consisting of the remastering, art work, and packaging. It was done in a timely manner and delivered with no damage. I will continue to use NER Studio in the future.

Douglas Baker, Sweetmo Music

Fellow Musicians,

I have taken my band into Naked Ear Recording Studios for a couple of different original album projects. Working each day with Ron Byrne in the Naked Ear Studio was always sweet. Ron has a way of bringing out the best in his artists.

The first thing I noticed was Ron’s ability to make us feel at home. Rather than place pressure on us, his competence with his equipment and his supportive manner with us put us at ease each day so that we could perform at our best. It is so obvious that Ron loves the entire process of recording that his enthusiasm is catching.

Of course he has all the best recording equipment, effects, and microphones, etc. He is able to capture an artist’s dreams and energy along with their sound. His mixing and mastering skills become apparent when the sound capture is done. He made my music sound the way I feel it. Ron has an incredible array of effects, triggers and automation. He wields these tools like a master.

Ron didn’t stop there. He photographed the band, provided professional artwork and did the layout for the album cover and notes. He then burned our work onto CDR, printed our design work onto the disk, assembled the packaging and cellophane wrapped our albums. A bonus was knowing that Ron could meet our orders for hundreds of album copies or would be happy to meet an order for only 5 or 10 copies.

There seems to be a “recording studio” on every block these days. We chose Ron Byrne and Naked Ear Recording Studios because of the reputation for excellence. Experienced, professional, committed and open to new ideas and technology, Ron Byrne is the finest choice we could have made.

Peggy Mann, Singer/Songwriter, Grandby, CO

Ron Byrne worked his magic on all 4 of my CD's. He always acted professionally and had my projects done on time. He's a great guy who made the recording process painless! I would highly recommend him.

Steve Morrow, Steve Morrow Music, Denver, CO

From recording sound, mixing, mastering, CD artwork and CD duplication, there is not a more complete studio in Denver. I've used many studios in Denver. Ron is a joy to work with; he's patient and insightful, offering good ideas to any project you present. You can't go wrong working with Ron Bryne and Naked Ear Recording.

Brian Clancy, Irish Row Records, Denver, CO

I began using Naked Ear Recording Studios in 1999, and have produced three CDs with Ron Byrne's technical expertise, including an on-site live recording album which has been a best-seller for us.  I wouldn't consider working with anyone else on my next, or any, CD or project.

Since my band has a very busy performance schedule, CD sales are a big part of our revenue and Naked Ear brings our two most important demands together in one studio:

  • a reasonable price that let's us make maximum dollars on our products; and
  • incredibly high-quality recording results that make us proud and our purchasers happy.

As musicians, we've all been there.  We have to create our songs for an affordable price and we know that we have to live with the music we press onto CDs for the rest of our we want it to be exceptional.  Ron Byrne loves, and I mean LOVES, what he does, and it is palpable in every facet of the production cycle. 

You'll always be happy with what this studio does for your music!

Denver NeVaar, Sister Who, Westminster, Colorado

I have created two albums with Ron Byrne at Naked Ear Recording Studio thus far and am planning on a third within the near future.  Ron is beyond compare by providing affordable, friendly, encouraging, and understanding service while demonstrating that he is absolutely a master of his craft. All of the stresses, variables, and details of making an exceptional audio recording which to me seemed so overwhelming, to him were clearly a matter of "business as usual."  I cannot imagine ever wanting to make a recording with anyone else, now that I know what an empowering and inspiring experience it is do so accompanied by his professional eyes, precisely trained ears, creative genius, and reassuring smiles.

The Cowan Brothers, Tim and John, Aurora, Colorado

For almost 30 years, my brother John and I have enjoyed playing guitars and singing together.  Over the years we made many valiant attempts at making recordings to send loved ones - but were never happy with any of the results. Then, in the summer of 2005, we met Ron Burns and came to Naked Ear Recording Studio.

It was my first experience in a professional recording studio and I was nervous going in for the first session. Ron's welcoming and supportive style immediately put me at ease and I began to enjoy the first of many evenings in his studio. He spent a lot of his own time talking with my brother and I, developing an understanding of what we were trying to accomplish.

Over time, I also grew to appreciate Ron's skill as a producer and engineer. His recommendations on how to record our vocals and guitars were a perfect match for the sound we were looking for. Ron has great equipment in his studio. I love my old Martin D-28 and continue to be amazed at how Ron can capture the sound a guitar like that can make. Before meeting Ron I had assumed I could never afford the expense of professional recording, but was excited to find Ron's rates were very affordable for my limited budget.

Suzie Mork, Dreamer and Amendment Bands, Aurora, Colorado

I was there at the conception of Naked Ear Recording Studio. My band Dreamer was one of the first groups to ever record there. This studio has really evolved since March. 1995. State-of-the-art equipment at the time has transformed into a major all inclusive studio.  Dreamer has recorded three albums there. I personally have recorded many singles as well. I have always been exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the product, from start to finish. If you are looking for a studio that can give you a product from start to finish, Naked Ear Recording Studio can do it all.

Recently, my old musician friends from a band called the 19th Amendment converged to Colorado to record a song that I wrote for our reunion. We not only got a recording that was Philharmonic, but we had a picture shoot and a CD cover from inside and out that everyone raved about.

So, in my opinion, if you want a studio that can handle your project from start to finish, meaning from recording, pictures,video, artwork to completion of CD, Naked Ear will give you the best product for the best price.